“There is tremendous pressure today for development teams to create and launch new real-time applications that scale to massive data sets on a unified platform.

Spire gives Flurry the scale of Hadoop but with standard SQL, making it easy with complete set of tools — decreasing the time and complexity for developers to interact with the data.”

Brian Johnson, Senior Developer at Flurry

Operational Big Data

Operational Big Data has unique requirements.  It’s not enough to just make a single query faster for a single analyst.  Operational Big Data databases need to support massive scale, dynamic data, lots of users while being highly available, and always on.  Web and Mobile require real-time next click performance with standards based connectors and application interfaces.  Dynamic data requires reads and writes, and moving data in an optimized fashion across the cluster.


Spire is the only full-featured database with a truly distributed index. Unlike sharded databases (with their sharded indexes) that run queries on every node and then aggregate the results, with big hits to performance and flexibility, Spire queries are “single-path” and quickly run on only the nodes that have the requested data.

Real-time, distributed indexing is integral to Spire, producing results in milliseconds (instead of minutes or longer) against even the largest datasets. Spire enables true real-time Big Data applications that support millions of events and users.

Easy to use

Spire brings the familiarity and flexibility of SQL to massive datasets. Unlike other Big Data systems, Spire does not require sharding, custom query algorithms or knowing the details of how your data is stored.

Spire also integrates full-text search, so you can combine data of any format into a single, integrated database.
And, Spire supports in-database, real-time MapReduce, giving you the total flexibility and control you need to access and use your data exactly the way you want.

Spire’s RESTful APIs, JSON objects and support for JDBC make it a web-ready, real-time database for any Big Data application.

Want to know more?

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Spire Does

  • ANSI SQL with Joins — we work with almost any tool *out of the box*
  • 1,000+ users
  • 100s of node clusters
  • Average query 200ms-3sec
  • Distributed secondary indexing
  • Hierarchical storage engine
  • Two-stage query optimization (Global and Local), including joins
  • Optimized network computation and User-Defined Functions
  • Cluster management

Spire Use Cases

  • Web and Mobile-delivered Big Data applications
  • Telco Call Record Data and Integrated Customer Life Cycle Data
  • “Universal Data Platform” migration from many databases into one
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Add Targeting / Personalization
  • Fraud Detection
  • Machine to Machine
  • Business Intelligence Analytics