We’re hiring. Here’s why we’re different.

Possibly the best thing about having a startup is finally hiring exactly the people you admire and want to learn from. It took two years to hire Ryan Rawson and Alex Newman. It was totally worth it.

And you should work for us too.  Just drop a line to spire@drawntoscale.com …  a sentence saying “hi”.

So, why the hell should you work here instead of some companies that promise to IPO soon?

Because we’re changing the data infrastructure industry and you’re going to be essential.

You’re going to be the first technical non-founder. That’s pretty amazing. You’ll be integral to the product’s success…it won’t ship without you. And we’ll listen when you want to build something your way, using the tools you want.

You’re going to get to build something from the ground up, the way *you* want it. How many times have you raged against your database because it’s horrible/slow/inflexible? How many late-night phone calls or times spent optimizing joins instead of building cool stuff? You get the chance to build something you’ve wanted your entire life.

We don’t hire jerks. We surround ourselves with the folks we want to be like. You’re going to be in a free-thinking, judgment-free environment. This is rather rare in this part of the startup world, it seems.

Just drop a line to spire@drawntoscale.com … just a sentence saying “hi”.

You’ll build software that *ships* and is the most important part of our customers’ infrastructure. You’ll get to talk to those customers so you know you’re not wasting your time with wrong features. You’re enabling entire new sectors of business.

We’re obsessed with building pragmatic things that work in “the real world” and joining them with the most cutting-edge distributed systems research. We’ve built and run some of the largest companies and infrastructures: Sun, Amazon, Google, Intel, and more. Even the CEO codes almost every day.

Learn more at the careers page.

Engineer: Database Core / Distributed Systems: San Francisco 

Help our core team build a database from the ground up. Finally, you can do things “the way they should be”. Instead of a db from the 1980′s, we’re creating a platform for modern, real-time applications.

Here are some things you may enjoy doing or learning about:

  • Building query planners and optimizers
  • Compiler design
  • Functional programming (Scala, Clojure, etc.)
  • Distributed systems architecture: failover, replication
  • JVM tuning and performance hacks
  • Turning academic research into reality
  • Resilient systems for the real world

Engineer: Operations and Automation: San Francisco

Yes, this is a “DevOps” role. If you like coding *and* systems work, you’re going to enjoy this. You’ll be the one responsible for building clusters that heal themselves and deploy seamlessly in the cloud or customer sites.

    • Cluster automation
    • Deployment frameworks like Chef, Puppet, CFEngine
    • Building monitoring tools that you enjoy using
    • Upgrading and recovering from failure with no downtime
    • How to make Linux behave
    • Hadoop/HBase/BigTable/other distributed systems
    • And perhaps a bit of UX hackin’

Just drop a line to spire@drawntoscale.com … just a sentence saying “hi”.


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