We’re obsessed with building a radically new approach to operational databases that work in “the real world” with the most cutting-edge distributed systems research. We’ve built and run some of the largest infrastructures: Amazon, Google, Intel, ATG OnDemand, and more. Even the CEO codes. Drawn to Scale believes the best ideas are born from people and culture that are free to create and express themselves. Our philosophy is simple:

  • Group dynamics are important at Drawn to Scale.  It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t get along and work well with the group.
  • Everyone will talk to customers.  Our customers are our partners and we build Spire with them as an extension of our team.
  • Solutions are better than band-aids.  We are in this to revolutionize scalable operational databases and we are doing it the hard way.
  • Honesty is necessary and easy when you work in a place with no blame, no judgment and a culture built on acceptance.
  • Innovation is born from a culture that encourages autonomous thinking while working towards common goals.
  • Challenge everything.

We don’t expect you to know everything. We just want you to hustle. We pay well and give great equity. Even if you don’t think you meet these requirements, if you like us, drop us a line at spire@drawntoscale.com. Just say, “I’m interested”. Two words. We’ll handle the rest.

(A love of bourbon and metal helps.)

Engineer: JVM Infrastructure / Distributed Systems

Help our core team build a database from the ground up. Finally, you
can do things “the way they should be”. Instead of a db from the
1980′s, we’re creating a platform for modern, real-time applications.

You don’t need to be an expert on database internals to join us. Just write good, fast code

Here are some things you may enjoy doing or learning about:

  • Writing “Systems-Grade” Java, not just OO code.
  • JVM tuning and performance hacks
  • Network protocols
  • Resilient systems for the real world